Jun. 28th, 2008

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I should have been writing that yesterday, except I was too sick to write anything after about noon.  From then until midnight, I spent far more time hurling than I really want to remember.

The down side of all of this is not, jee it's a pain that I"m sick.  The real downside is that B and I spent $180 on a dance workshop weekend that only happens once a year, and this year looked to be geared toward exactly our current interests. It started yesterday evening. It runs all day today, and most of tomorrow.  Many of our friends and acquaintances will be there.  I asked B to go without me so that we get some benefit from it, but he's more interested in taking care of me and not chancing on being a carrier.

I can't tell yet, but I"m hoping the worst is over and it's all recovery from here.  I'm on a teaspoonful of water every 20 minutes regimen to not get too dehydrated while my body tries to figure out what its digestive system is really for.

So this morning I wrote a message telling the event organizer to call any locals on the waiting list, as he has a lead and follow role space he can fill. And I called [profile] miss_emelia and asked her to pass on the message in case he hadn't seen it when she checked in this morning.

B made a cherry pie from our tree yesterday. It looked great. It smelled revolting. Well, to me, it did. He showed every evidence of enjoying it, though.  I'm hoping to get a piece while it's still relatively fresh.

ETA: I never go back and edit posts when I see "it's" where I meant to write "its." No, really. Not even this time.


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