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When I read LJ at work, which I do to de-stress, I still prefer not to have the contents of it blared all over the screen. Now I'm a student it mostly doesn't matter, except I may be sitting in a lecture hall with people behind me who can see my screen waiting for the prof to show up. In either case, I preferred to stick the larger images behind a cut or a placeholder.

The problem is, not everyone has the same conventions for when they decide to use an lj-cut tag, and it's totally irrational to expect everyone to cater to *my* preferences when their own might be very different indeed. One small thing I've found useful is to use LiveJournal's Manage Settings options to stick a placeholder icon in any post with an image over a size I'm comfortable having displayed on my screen. (I also use AdBlock in Firefox to screen out all user icons, because at work I got uncomfortable with some of the less safe for work variety being displayed, but that's a different tool.)

So, to have LJ make it more friendly for loading my friends page anywhere, I go to the account management section: and select "Viewing Options" from the list of links below the browser selection http://www.livejournal.com/manage/settings/.

The page that loads has a bunch of nifty things on it, but the fifth row down is called "Image Placeholders", and you can decide exactly what size is acceptable and what is not. This only affects your friends page view. You can see the image either by clicking on it directly or by loading the entry separately in another window or tab.

I also like the example above it for graphic previews, but I found that was a bit finicky. The option below it, placeholders for video content, has also been extremely useful.

This is also the page where you can set your default privacy settings. Mine is set to default all new posts to be locked to my friendslist -- I have to manually unlock them if I want them to be viewable publicly. This means if you're not logged in, you won't see much of anything from my journal. (There are also third-party firefox addons that can cause your security to reset to "public" if you edit the draft and don't re-click the security level, but the initial security setting is the same.)

Anyway, I know not everyone has been around LJ as long as I have, or has used it as extensively, so you might not find this useful or you might. Have fun.
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