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It's almost too late to sign up for many CSA programs. I've got a short list, but I'd love to hear your recommendations. I can do pick ups in Palo Alto, Mountain View, Los Altos, or San Jose (downtown preferred).

I know many folks on my friendslist are members of CSA's. I'd love to hear where, and roughly how much, and get pointers to web sites, etc. B and I grow our own tomatoes, strawberries, and herbs, but I'd like to get a little more regular infusions of vegetables and support a CSA Farm.
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26th Annual Bunyan Lecture

Professor Steve Squyres of Cornell University
Free public lecture:

"Roving Mars: Spirit, Opportunity, and the Exploration of the Red Planet"

Wednesday, February 6, 2008
7:30pm, Hewlett Auditorium room 201

More information

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Now playing: Up, Bustle & Out - The Hand Of Contraband
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Creative Commons founder and Stanford professor Lawrence Lessig is giving his final presentation on Free Culture, Copyright and the future of ideas.

Event is free to the public. Everyone is welcome.

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Listening to this album is bittersweet. I cried again today. Was fine all the way through to the last track, "Parting Glass", and lost it as it morphed into "Whisky, you're the devil, take two".

There's something to ritual, there really is. It is common to say at times like those that "A great light has gone out," or similar. Funny how these things can resonate so much.
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Y'all recommended a lot of restaurants, and I realized that my priorities might not be similar to other people's, so I'd like to get a bit of reasoning behind the recommendations.

Oh, if you don't know one of the answers, just leave it blank. And yes,
1 == I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy
10 == it eez zee food of zee gods! I die! I die in ecstasy!

For price, just assume that 5 == dinner for one person works out to about $25 (with tip), and scale up or down as you feel appropriate.

a new poll )

Incidentally, we tried to go to Sushi Zono last night, but they're apparently closed on Sundays. So we redirected to Yuki Sushi. It was loud, close, tiny, and the food was mediocre to good depending on what you ordered. The service was pretty good. The wait wasn't long considering that we were the second table of 6+ they were asked to put together, and the restaurant probably only seats ~50 at any given time.
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As we head into Dead Week, get ready for the last Symbolic Systems Forum event of the quarter featuring David Wilkins in AI and Cognitive Science: ---


Learning to Recognize Facial Emotions:

Psychologists vs. Artists

David C. Wilkins

Symbolic Systems and CLSI



These are on the Stanford campus, open to the public, usually with a short "reception" after at which milling about and topical discussion is encouraged.

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How Science Thinks: The Science and Engineering of Science and Engineering
Prof. Jeff Shrager
Associate Professor in Symbolic Systems, CommerceNet

Thursday, Nov. 29th, 2007
4:15-5:30 pm
Building 380, Room 380C (Math Corner)
MAP: http://campus-map.stanford.edu/index.cfm?ID=01-380
(Parking in nearby lots at no charge after 4 pm)


For over three decades cognitive scientists have been studying how science works and how scientists think. What have we learned about scientific cognition and about science as a human activity? Read more... )
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Close to You

(Make sure to hover your mouse over the comic and read the extra text.)
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I love... )
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I am amused that when people tried to cheer me up, at least four of the items mentioned were about felines. That was easily 10% of the comments offered. =)
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And lo, though they are not here, neither are they gone.

If I could hug you, [profile] maestrateresa[profile] motogrrl, I would.  Right now.  Quite fiercely.
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"Today I realized I hate everyone in the whole world."  (from a Dilbert cartoon)

It's not true. It merely exaggerates.

Tell me something happy. Please.
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(For those who don't know this, Symbolic Systems is the program in which I am currently majoring.  I say "currently" because I expect to switch to CS instead, but as I'm not in classes at the moment the decision can be put off a while longer.  )

I should mention that this event is open to the public, but it will not be taped or recorded for later viewing.
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I've got the mother of all classic nasty colds, starting with the traditional sore throat with implications of more to come, followed by congestion, sinus headaches, coughing, etc. I desperately want a good hot & sour soup in the Chinese Restaurant sense, and I've never yet found a restaurant that could scratch that itch since I've moved to the Bay Area. (I don't go to many Chinese restaurants, and when I do, I've always been varyingly disappointed by the hot and sour soups.)

I WANTS it, I does. Thus, I appeal to friend internets. Where in the San Jose area (including Campbell and even Santa Clara....Sunnyvale if that's the only one you know) can I get a good hot and sour soup? One with a decent pinch of white pepper and a decent glug of vinegar?

I must summon hot and sour soup. I must.
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I went through and pruned today. Contemplating doing that meme for my entire flist brought me to realize that I had over 300 friends, plus another thirty or more rss feeds. I mostly took off people I didn't think were reading anymore, feeds I hadn't followed in months, that kind of thing. If you were taken off and you *have* been reading and want to continue to do so, feel free to comment or email. I'm not removing anyone because I don't like them, I'm just trying to simplify the list. It was really mostly feeds pruned, anyway.

Er, comments screened, why exactly I don't know, it just felt right.
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Two Three (I can count, yes) weeks ago yesterday, [personal profile] bk2w asked me would I marry him.

I said,  "Yes."

So yes, we're engaged.  And there is much rejoicing.  =)
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So, I'm exhausted, and I'm guessing that B is more so, since he's still abed. The party wound down around 11:30 PM, and I would feel bad about being old and decrepit for shutting down so early in the night, but we *did* start at 2 PM. Almost ten hours of partying is a lot for two introverts.

We had the best possible problems to have: we have too much food, and too much to drink, and too much cake. I somehow had thought I'd told people we'd have the grillables, a range of beverages and dessert covered, and to bring side dishes. Apparently I forgot to mention the dessert part. B and I had three cakes from The Prolific Oven, [livejournal.com profile] angelkatharine  and [livejournal.com profile] polkamadness  brought one or two more from another good bakery, and other people brought home-baked goods that were also lovely. We have an entire quarter-sheet cake (Apricot Bliss) that didn't get touched at all. We're trying to figure out if we want to take it to work, or if we want to send it to parties going on today that we know about. The main thing is, we both really want a piece of it, and we have so many errands to run that we can't just haul it around with us until we hit somewhere social. It's an awful dilemma to have, let me tell you.

There was a bit of drumming and dancing, there was much conversation and laughter, lemons, strawberries, and tomatoes were picked and consumed (fresh strawberry lemonade!) and a good time was had by all (or most, at least). No one went home hungry, that's for certain. And we still have too much food and drink.   Some of that was lack of prep-chopping, and some of that was me buying enough to cover all our yeses and maybes.  Mmm, food.

Many thanks to:  [livejournal.com profile] jd5p, [livejournal.com profile] miss_emelia, [livejournal.com profile] tenacious_snail, [livejournal.com profile] ziggybecket, [livejournal.com profile] joedecker, and everyone else who pitched in, came early, mowed the lawn, swept the yard, hauled tables and chairs around, hung decorations, picked up cakes, and generally made it possible for us to throw a party in what had been a wilderness of a back yard only an hour before.  Things were pretty grim around noon when no one was here and a million things needed to be done and B and I were both too hurt to do them or to do them quickly enough.  Lowering expectations helped a lot, and it worked out just fine.  Just fine, indeed.
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My schedule is all catawumpus so I have no idea what I'm doing on the 2nd, but some of you might be interested in this.

Two sea music events coming up this December. First, the monthly chantey sing will be on Saturday, December 2nd, at 8pm. Free, but reservations required. To reserve space, just send an email to peter.kasin@nps.gov or call 415-561-7171. More information at http://www.nps.gov/safr.htm

The next sea music concert, and the final one for this year, will be on Friday, December 8, 8pm, )

Fair winds, and have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday.


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