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It's almost too late to sign up for many CSA programs. I've got a short list, but I'd love to hear your recommendations. I can do pick ups in Palo Alto, Mountain View, Los Altos, or San Jose (downtown preferred).

I know many folks on my friendslist are members of CSA's. I'd love to hear where, and roughly how much, and get pointers to web sites, etc. B and I grow our own tomatoes, strawberries, and herbs, but I'd like to get a little more regular infusions of vegetables and support a CSA Farm.
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Y'all recommended a lot of restaurants, and I realized that my priorities might not be similar to other people's, so I'd like to get a bit of reasoning behind the recommendations.

Oh, if you don't know one of the answers, just leave it blank. And yes,
1 == I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy
10 == it eez zee food of zee gods! I die! I die in ecstasy!

For price, just assume that 5 == dinner for one person works out to about $25 (with tip), and scale up or down as you feel appropriate.

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Incidentally, we tried to go to Sushi Zono last night, but they're apparently closed on Sundays. So we redirected to Yuki Sushi. It was loud, close, tiny, and the food was mediocre to good depending on what you ordered. The service was pretty good. The wait wasn't long considering that we were the second table of 6+ they were asked to put together, and the restaurant probably only seats ~50 at any given time.


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