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CS Seminar, Monday, March 1, 3-4 PM, EE Packard Bldg., rm. 202 (Stanford Main Campus)

A Framework to Synergistically Combine Motion Planning in Continuous Spaces
and High-Level Planning in Discrete Spaces


Research in robotics has focused since its inception towards increasing the
ability of robots to plan and act on their own in order to safely complete
high-level tasks.

Toward this goal, this talk presents a multi-layered framework that
efficiently plans the sequence of motions the robot needs to execute so that
the resulting trajectory is dynamically feasible, avoids collisions, and
satisfies a given high-level specification. In distinction from traditional
motion planning, the framework can take into account high-level
specifications given by Finite State Machines, Hybrid Automata, Linear
Temporal Logic, STRIPS, and other planning-domain definition languages. Such
expressive models make it possible to specify complex tasks that frequently
arise in mobile robotics, manipulation, robotic-assisted surgery,
search-and-rescue missions, and air-traffic management.

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Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics(CCRMA) invites you to visit our annual Open House on Friday, May 29th at CCRMA.

The Open House is an opportunity to see the wide range of research and creative work being done at Stanford. The Open House will include demos, posters, presentations and performances throughout the day, concluding with an informal reception and outdoor concert in the CCRMA.

Schedule, directions and parking information can be found at:

We look forward to seeing you on May 29th.

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It's been a while since I posted about these -- I missed the Thayer a lot. I wonder if I'll miss the Balclutha.

Greetings from Hyde Street Pier -

The next chantey sing aboard the historic ship Balclutha will be on
Saturday, November 1st, beginning 8pm. Entry to pier and ship begins
7:30pm. To reserve space, just send an email or call 415-561-7171.
The Balclutha goes into drydock for a few months for routine maintenance
beginning in December. The chantey sings will then be held aboard the
ferryboat Eureka. Come sing and bid the Balclutha a (temporary) bon voyage.

Fair winds,

Peter Kasin
Park Ranger, San Francisco Maritime NHP
(Send mail to peter underscore kasin at NPS dot gov for reservations.)

I probably won't be at this one, but you never know. I've been missing them a lot lately, there are some folks I only see there, and I should say goodbye to the Balclutha.
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26th Annual Bunyan Lecture

Professor Steve Squyres of Cornell University
Free public lecture:

"Roving Mars: Spirit, Opportunity, and the Exploration of the Red Planet"

Wednesday, February 6, 2008
7:30pm, Hewlett Auditorium room 201

More information

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Now playing: Up, Bustle & Out - The Hand Of Contraband
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Creative Commons founder and Stanford professor Lawrence Lessig is giving his final presentation on Free Culture, Copyright and the future of ideas.

Event is free to the public. Everyone is welcome.

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(For those who don't know this, Symbolic Systems is the program in which I am currently majoring.  I say "currently" because I expect to switch to CS instead, but as I'm not in classes at the moment the decision can be put off a while longer.  )

I should mention that this event is open to the public, but it will not be taped or recorded for later viewing.


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