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I guess I'll be posting here, now. I'm 850th in the import queue. \o/

I would have gotten around to setting up the cross-posting to livejournal eventually, but since I'll be deleting my journal there as soon as I'm satisfied I've gotten everything I want from LJ, it didn't seem worth the effort.

The one thing that doesn't seem to be importing are memory links, which means I'm going to have to do a ton of transcribing of madbaker's (and a few others) recipes before I go.
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This journal is primarily friends-only.  Leave comments for introductory purposes, etc.
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26th Annual Bunyan Lecture

Professor Steve Squyres of Cornell University
Free public lecture:

"Roving Mars: Spirit, Opportunity, and the Exploration of the Red Planet"

Wednesday, February 6, 2008
7:30pm, Hewlett Auditorium room 201

More information

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Now playing: Up, Bustle & Out - The Hand Of Contraband
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Creative Commons founder and Stanford professor Lawrence Lessig is giving his final presentation on Free Culture, Copyright and the future of ideas.

Event is free to the public. Everyone is welcome.

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As we head into Dead Week, get ready for the last Symbolic Systems Forum event of the quarter featuring David Wilkins in AI and Cognitive Science: ---


Learning to Recognize Facial Emotions:

Psychologists vs. Artists

David C. Wilkins

Symbolic Systems and CLSI



These are on the Stanford campus, open to the public, usually with a short "reception" after at which milling about and topical discussion is encouraged.

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(For those who don't know this, Symbolic Systems is the program in which I am currently majoring.  I say "currently" because I expect to switch to CS instead, but as I'm not in classes at the moment the decision can be put off a while longer.  )

I should mention that this event is open to the public, but it will not be taped or recorded for later viewing.
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I went through and pruned today. Contemplating doing that meme for my entire flist brought me to realize that I had over 300 friends, plus another thirty or more rss feeds. I mostly took off people I didn't think were reading anymore, feeds I hadn't followed in months, that kind of thing. If you were taken off and you *have* been reading and want to continue to do so, feel free to comment or email. I'm not removing anyone because I don't like them, I'm just trying to simplify the list. It was really mostly feeds pruned, anyway.

Er, comments screened, why exactly I don't know, it just felt right.


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