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This journal is primarily friends-only.  Leave comments for introductory purposes, etc.
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I've got the mother of all classic nasty colds, starting with the traditional sore throat with implications of more to come, followed by congestion, sinus headaches, coughing, etc. I desperately want a good hot & sour soup in the Chinese Restaurant sense, and I've never yet found a restaurant that could scratch that itch since I've moved to the Bay Area. (I don't go to many Chinese restaurants, and when I do, I've always been varyingly disappointed by the hot and sour soups.)

I WANTS it, I does. Thus, I appeal to friend internets. Where in the San Jose area (including Campbell and even Santa Clara....Sunnyvale if that's the only one you know) can I get a good hot and sour soup? One with a decent pinch of white pepper and a decent glug of vinegar?

I must summon hot and sour soup. I must.
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I went through and pruned today. Contemplating doing that meme for my entire flist brought me to realize that I had over 300 friends, plus another thirty or more rss feeds. I mostly took off people I didn't think were reading anymore, feeds I hadn't followed in months, that kind of thing. If you were taken off and you *have* been reading and want to continue to do so, feel free to comment or email. I'm not removing anyone because I don't like them, I'm just trying to simplify the list. It was really mostly feeds pruned, anyway.

Er, comments screened, why exactly I don't know, it just felt right.
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Two Three (I can count, yes) weeks ago yesterday, [personal profile] bk2w asked me would I marry him.

I said,  "Yes."

So yes, we're engaged.  And there is much rejoicing.  =)


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