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It's been a while since I posted about these -- I missed the Thayer a lot. I wonder if I'll miss the Balclutha.

Greetings from Hyde Street Pier -

The next chantey sing aboard the historic ship Balclutha will be on
Saturday, November 1st, beginning 8pm. Entry to pier and ship begins
7:30pm. To reserve space, just send an email or call 415-561-7171.
The Balclutha goes into drydock for a few months for routine maintenance
beginning in December. The chantey sings will then be held aboard the
ferryboat Eureka. Come sing and bid the Balclutha a (temporary) bon voyage.

Fair winds,

Peter Kasin
Park Ranger, San Francisco Maritime NHP
(Send mail to peter underscore kasin at NPS dot gov for reservations.)

I probably won't be at this one, but you never know. I've been missing them a lot lately, there are some folks I only see there, and I should say goodbye to the Balclutha.
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My schedule is all catawumpus so I have no idea what I'm doing on the 2nd, but some of you might be interested in this.

Two sea music events coming up this December. First, the monthly chantey sing will be on Saturday, December 2nd, at 8pm. Free, but reservations required. To reserve space, just send an email to peter.kasin@nps.gov or call 415-561-7171. More information at http://www.nps.gov/safr.htm

The next sea music concert, and the final one for this year, will be on Friday, December 8, 8pm, )

Fair winds, and have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday.


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