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I guess I'll be posting here, now. I'm 850th in the import queue. \o/

I would have gotten around to setting up the cross-posting to livejournal eventually, but since I'll be deleting my journal there as soon as I'm satisfied I've gotten everything I want from LJ, it didn't seem worth the effort.

The one thing that doesn't seem to be importing are memory links, which means I'm going to have to do a ton of transcribing of madbaker's (and a few others) recipes before I go.
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Two words in particular I catch myself using lately are "terrible" and "apparently." For instance, I wanted to start this post out with the following: "Apparently, I cannot stop saying apparently. That's terrible! Terribly apparent, really."

I seem to get into a linguistic rut. We have this beautiful, anachronistic, ridiculous language. Why have I stopped using most of it?

What about you, what words do you find yourself using too often? Are there words or expressions you simply cannot give up? Do they come and go with the latest fashion?

Some of my current favorites:
- anything derived from "not my circus; not my monkeys"
- apparently
- terrible
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This journal is primarily friends-only.  Leave comments for introductory purposes, etc.
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Right. This place exists. I'm glad my browser remembered my password.

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Is there anyone out there?
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So, I went and created a new filter here today, called "Just Peeps". I wanted to weed out all the blogs and rss feeds I had coming in on my main filter, and also make sure that there was a way to be certain I was reading people. My main reading filter for the last three yeas has had a limited scope within my friendslist (and I wasn't exactly certain of keeping up with what I had).

There are a *lot* of names on here. Some of them I no longer remember who they are or why we are connected. And the vast majority don't seem to post.

So, a question, if you have a moment. Who are you, how do you know me (if you do), and why are you here, reading this journal?

(Comments screened by default. Go wild. If you would prefer to not be unscreened should I wish to reply, say so.)
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So I know the population here has changed, especially since Facebook has taken off so very much. I'm not going to drop anyone from my friends list or anything as a result of not answering the poll. I'm just curious who's still around at all. Unless people comment I don't really get a sense of whether or not someone's reading along. Polls require less effort. =)

on to the poll! )
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CS Seminar, Monday, March 1, 3-4 PM, EE Packard Bldg., rm. 202 (Stanford Main Campus)

A Framework to Synergistically Combine Motion Planning in Continuous Spaces
and High-Level Planning in Discrete Spaces


Research in robotics has focused since its inception towards increasing the
ability of robots to plan and act on their own in order to safely complete
high-level tasks.

Toward this goal, this talk presents a multi-layered framework that
efficiently plans the sequence of motions the robot needs to execute so that
the resulting trajectory is dynamically feasible, avoids collisions, and
satisfies a given high-level specification. In distinction from traditional
motion planning, the framework can take into account high-level
specifications given by Finite State Machines, Hybrid Automata, Linear
Temporal Logic, STRIPS, and other planning-domain definition languages. Such
expressive models make it possible to specify complex tasks that frequently
arise in mobile robotics, manipulation, robotic-assisted surgery,
search-and-rescue missions, and air-traffic management.

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Just popping up a quick note to share this with y'all:

Why should your target practice be boring? Spice it up with a bit of the undead. Now you can really prepare for the zombpocalypse!"

This was a small side project of a friend of mine's that's actually getting some decent business lately. Too fun.
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Tell me something good. Big, small, trivial, profound. Just tell me a happy thing.

There has been a surfeit of the dark and depressing of late, and I am minded that we perceive in the world that which have set out to see. I would like your assistance in recalibrating my outlook.
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Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics(CCRMA) invites you to visit our annual Open House on Friday, May 29th at CCRMA.

The Open House is an opportunity to see the wide range of research and creative work being done at Stanford. The Open House will include demos, posters, presentations and performances throughout the day, concluding with an informal reception and outdoor concert in the CCRMA.

Schedule, directions and parking information can be found at:

We look forward to seeing you on May 29th.

Logististics, maps, schedule )
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I think some folks might be unaware of what happened during Obama's taking the oath of office. He began a little too quickly, and I think that rushing it there may have thrown off Chief Justice Roberts, who then misspoke a later portion of the oath. In watching it, it looks as though Obama is so nervous or giddy that he needs prompting every second word until he gets himself back under control.

Edited to add: Let me make this more clear: Obama didn't mess up the oath. Justice Roberts did.

In reality, Chief Justice Roberts misspoke the oath, and that threw a small hitch in the process until he could correct himself.

Roberts asked Obama to “execute the office of president to the United States faithfully,” rather than to “faithfully execute the office of president of the United States” as dictated by the Constitution. The snafu caused Obama to halt mid-oath and grin before Roberts corrected himself.

Link here. (two thirds of the way down the page)

I've already seen people panning him for not getting it right, for stuttering and thus revealing himself for "the idiot he really is", and other such nonsense.

I'm just annoyed that something so insignificant is giving the pundits room to make hay.

I also cheered the "nonbelievers" portion of the speech, which was preceded by "a nation of Christians and Muslims...". I do wish there was a lot less God in our public ceremonies. Why does every speech have to end "God bless America!"? (Note: question was rhetorical.)

I am pleased by our choice, and I wish there had been a better choice out there. I wish Obama believed in gay marriages instead of civil unions. I wish I believe that someone who openly supported gay marriage would have been electable. There are a hundred different, valid reasons to object to him as leader of our country. But to have people denigrate his intelligence or suitability because of a momentary hitch in the oath of office is just ridiculous.
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It's been a while since I posted about these -- I missed the Thayer a lot. I wonder if I'll miss the Balclutha.

Greetings from Hyde Street Pier -

The next chantey sing aboard the historic ship Balclutha will be on
Saturday, November 1st, beginning 8pm. Entry to pier and ship begins
7:30pm. To reserve space, just send an email or call 415-561-7171.
The Balclutha goes into drydock for a few months for routine maintenance
beginning in December. The chantey sings will then be held aboard the
ferryboat Eureka. Come sing and bid the Balclutha a (temporary) bon voyage.

Fair winds,

Peter Kasin
Park Ranger, San Francisco Maritime NHP
(Send mail to peter underscore kasin at NPS dot gov for reservations.)

I probably won't be at this one, but you never know. I've been missing them a lot lately, there are some folks I only see there, and I should say goodbye to the Balclutha.
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When I read LJ at work, which I do to de-stress, I still prefer not to have the contents of it blared all over the screen. Now I'm a student it mostly doesn't matter, except I may be sitting in a lecture hall with people behind me who can see my screen waiting for the prof to show up. In either case, I preferred to stick the larger images behind a cut or a placeholder.

The problem is, not everyone has the same conventions for when they decide to use an lj-cut tag, and it's totally irrational to expect everyone to cater to *my* preferences when their own might be very different indeed. One small thing I've found useful is to use LiveJournal's Manage Settings options to stick a placeholder icon in any post with an image over a size I'm comfortable having displayed on my screen. (I also use AdBlock in Firefox to screen out all user icons, because at work I got uncomfortable with some of the less safe for work variety being displayed, but that's a different tool.)

So, to have LJ make it more friendly for loading my friends page anywhere, I go to the account management section: and select "Viewing Options" from the list of links below the browser selection http://www.livejournal.com/manage/settings/.

The page that loads has a bunch of nifty things on it, but the fifth row down is called "Image Placeholders", and you can decide exactly what size is acceptable and what is not. This only affects your friends page view. You can see the image either by clicking on it directly or by loading the entry separately in another window or tab.

I also like the example above it for graphic previews, but I found that was a bit finicky. The option below it, placeholders for video content, has also been extremely useful.

This is also the page where you can set your default privacy settings. Mine is set to default all new posts to be locked to my friendslist -- I have to manually unlock them if I want them to be viewable publicly. This means if you're not logged in, you won't see much of anything from my journal. (There are also third-party firefox addons that can cause your security to reset to "public" if you edit the draft and don't re-click the security level, but the initial security setting is the same.)

Anyway, I know not everyone has been around LJ as long as I have, or has used it as extensively, so you might not find this useful or you might. Have fun.
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I should have been writing that yesterday, except I was too sick to write anything after about noon.  From then until midnight, I spent far more time hurling than I really want to remember.

The down side of all of this is not, jee it's a pain that I"m sick.  The real downside is that B and I spent $180 on a dance workshop weekend that only happens once a year, and this year looked to be geared toward exactly our current interests. It started yesterday evening. It runs all day today, and most of tomorrow.  Many of our friends and acquaintances will be there.  I asked B to go without me so that we get some benefit from it, but he's more interested in taking care of me and not chancing on being a carrier.

I can't tell yet, but I"m hoping the worst is over and it's all recovery from here.  I'm on a teaspoonful of water every 20 minutes regimen to not get too dehydrated while my body tries to figure out what its digestive system is really for.

So this morning I wrote a message telling the event organizer to call any locals on the waiting list, as he has a lead and follow role space he can fill. And I called [profile] miss_emelia and asked her to pass on the message in case he hadn't seen it when she checked in this morning.

B made a cherry pie from our tree yesterday. It looked great. It smelled revolting. Well, to me, it did. He showed every evidence of enjoying it, though.  I'm hoping to get a piece while it's still relatively fresh.

ETA: I never go back and edit posts when I see "it's" where I meant to write "its." No, really. Not even this time.
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It's so beautiful. I'm holding my breath--I'm so afraid that something is going to happen to rob them of this long-awaited right. Finally my friends and family are being recognized for the first-class citizens they are. Heart-breaking that I spend 20% of the energy in fretting that it won't last, but I've teared up more than once over accounts about total strangers' weddings in the sight of the state of California.......because I can't help but apply it to the people that I love.

Please, please, please, don't let us let this slip through our fingers.
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4 months seemed so brief before the prognosis dropped to 1 week. now it's an eternity of letters unwritten, cards unsent.

Any day now. Any hour.


Mar. 18th, 2008 12:52 pm
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Our microwave has a button that, once pushed, will generate a perfectly popped batch of popcorn. It's labeled "Popcorn".

I'm living in the future!!!!

Lest the reader think I've never seen such a thing before, fret not. Many a microwave in my lifetime has claimed the honor of the Popcorn Button. But they have been false witnesses, all.
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Heck, maybe it will inspire me to write more here than event announcements and health updates.  Speaking of which, I feel better today, except whatever the heck causes my skin to break out in hives is happening again. Primary suspects at this point are either Rock Band or sushi.

"March is Question & Answer month. Ask a question, and I may or may not answer it. Questions are screened, and if I choose to answer, I'll answer in a separate post."

Feel free to ask anonymously if you like. I still log IP's, but it's not like I'm going to care about that unless you leave a harrassing or abusive comment.


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